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Merchant Spotlight

Aaron's Alley

A Safe Space

Welcome to Aaron’s Alley. When you walk through those doors, you’re walking right into our living room... so make yourself at home. At Aaron’s Alley, we’re a place where families stop to shop, and strangers reunite. A must stop on those mental health days or when we just want to play hooky! Always the place you can go when it sometimes feels like you don’t know where to go at all. There is always a friend, always an ear, and in true Aaron fashion, always some wise words to carry home with ya!

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Aaron started his business with an idea, and a vending cart built by himself and his father in law David. Over the next 23 years until his unexpected passing in 2013. Aaron created more than a store, he created a safe space and a community surrounding his love of music, in particular The Grateful Dead. His ability to connect and share happiness with literally anyone he met is what made him, and this place he created so special. When Aaron passed away, his wife Jennifer, devoted friends, community and family rallied together to make sure Aaron’s Alley’s doors stayed open, and continued to share Aaron’s message to anyone who walked through them.

So while you’re here.. Stay a while. Explore a bit.

You never know what you’ll find!

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