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Monroe Avenue, one of Rochester's most diverse shopping strips, is the place to find the truly unique. Alive with people and places to go in an urban neighborhood which includes the Y, the library, churches, and schools as well as interesting small shops, restaurants, and pubs.
Find that unusual gift. Definitely “mallternative!” Shop in the many one-of-a-kind clothing stores. Get your hair cut the way you really want it.
Choose from an extraordinarily wide range of restaurants — from Vegetarian to Indian to Greek cuisine. Or just grab a burger or pizza. And the Avenue is an exciting place at night.
With its many bars, clubs and cafes, it's definitely the place to go if you're looking for fun and entertainment.
Trillium AHA Health Fair      Yellow Haus Bike Shop Storefront
Trillium AHA Health Fair   Butterflies are coming!!



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